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a beautiful gold coast maternity photography session

Kelly Yusuf - Monday, February 06, 2012

There is something very special about the blooming glow of an expectant mother.  I was recently honoured with the opportunity to participate in a very special gold coast maternity photography shoot with the beautiful Danielle and her husband Ben. It's such a precious time for any couple before their world is changed forever.





Emma & George

Kelly Yusuf - Tuesday, January 03, 2012

We recently left the home comforts of the Gold Coast to venture north to the beautiful Sunshine Coast to photograph the wedding of a truly gorgeous couple - Emma & George. The ethereally stunning bride chose a vintage style gown designed especially for her by Anne Bertossi of Paddington Brides, and she wore her grandmother's antique cameo earings. Her hair was sculpted in exquisite cameo fashion by Katrina Embleton of Absolute Hair Studio, Kelso. The bride's mother, Beth Bulkely, demonstrated amazing skill creating a replica cameo in icing and a stunning floral arrangement for the gorgeous wedding cake. The bridesmaids were stunning in different shades of blue that accentuated the beach setting.  We frolicked in the sand dunes at sunset, we splashed in the edge of the deep blue pacific, we all bathed in the warmth of Emma & George's love......ahhhh.......


take a look for on the link to view their slideshow..............

Big Ben

Kelly Yusuf - Friday, October 14, 2011
What a magnificent trip we just had to the UK (except for the laborious flight of course). Catching up with family & friends was warm & wonderful and I was lucky enough to photograph a wedding cruising on the Thames while I was there (more photos of that to come).  Here is a shot I snapped of Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament at night - what a breathtaking sight it was.

Planking in the bay

Kelly Yusuf - Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our latest wedding adventure took us to beautiful Byron Bay to share in the nuptials of Lucy & Simon.  It was a wet day, which created a beautiful contrasting background to the stunning red dress of the bride.  Lucy & Simon are so obviously in love that they share an almost telepathic bond.  Nothing could dampen the spirits of anyone touched by their presence, as was obvious when this guest decided to join the groom in a spot of planking